Nolan Ryan: Texas…Rancher?

Posted on December 3, 2012


519px-Nolan_Ryan_Tiger_Stadium_1990_CROPIf you didn’t know that Nolan Ryan is a big-time beef rancher, don’t worry — some of the folks on your Christmas list probably don’t either.  Which might make gifting them a copy of his new beef cookbook that much more fun.

The baseball star said he will include 75 to 100 of his family’s favorite recipes in the volume — straight from Mama Ryan’s Texas kitchen.

He’ll also add some background information on his cooking and his baseball.

Too bad you’ll have to wait until May 2014 to get his secrets for perfect beef.

In the meantime, I’ll share his ranching history for free.  Apparently for the the MLB’s strikeout king, beef ranching was his first love.  He bought his first heifer at the age of ten and invested his earnings from his $1 million contract with the Texas Rangers (one of the first ever contracts to reach that number) into a ranch.  Now he runs a working beef cattle ranch in Texas.  He’s served on the Board of Directors of the Beefmaster Association and even has his own brand — Nolan Ryan’s All Natural Beef.

As for his tricks on braising, grilling, pan-searing and BBQing?

Guess we’ll all have to wait for that.

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