Women ranchers outnumbered

Posted on December 24, 2012


Only 32 percent of cattle ranches in the U.S. are run or co-run by women, according to 2007 USDA census data.

This probably won’t come as a big shock to most ranchers, who are aware that theirs is a male-dominated field.

A recent article in the Elko Daily Free Press profiles one successful female rancher and highlights two other industries (mining and law enforcement), along with ranching, where women are the minority.

Many women who do have careers in ranching have worked hard to hold their own with the men, and carved a niche they intend to stay in.

“So many people don’t understand where their food comes from,” said Nevada rancher Patsy Tomera, as quoted in the piece. “They have no concept of how we work a ranch. I think if more women knew about that, they’d probably be ranchers. But I’m content here whether I’m surrounded by women or men or whatever. This is a good life.”