Rural America sticks to their guns

Posted on January 18, 2013


Wyoming was quick to propose legislation keeping federal authorities away from guns. Now, states and individuals across the U.S. are following their lead.

800px-Flag_of_Texas.svgTexas Governor Rick Perry issued a statement in response to the gun control recommendations and 23 executive orders President Obama released yesterday (Wednesday, Jan. 15). Mr. Perry argued that the president’s response was not appropriate to the goal of stopping mass murders like the Newton shooting last month:

In fact, the piling on by the political left, and their cohorts in the media, to use the massacre of little children to advance a pre-existing political agenda that would not have saved those children, disgusts me, personally. The second amendment to the Constitution is a basic right of free people and cannot be nor will it be abridged by the executive power of this or any other president.

A new bill Republican lawmakers introduced in the state House on Wednesday (Jan. 16) would block Mr. Obama’s gun mandates. And Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott urged New Yorkers to move to the Lone Star State in the wake of a slew of restrictive new gun policies signed by NY Governor Andrew Cuomo earlier this week.

“Texas is better than New York, and New York just gave us another excuse to say that,” Mr. Abbott declared today (Thursday, Jan. 16). He paid for web ads which appeared on a number of media websites, declaring: “WANTED: Law abiding New York gun owners seeking lower taxes and greater opportunities.”

Mr. Abbott admitted the ads were “tongue in cheek” but added that they also delivered a “deeper message,” and promised that–if Congress passes any national gun restrictions–he will file a federal lawsuit.

Especially since New York’s legislators apparently forgot to make an exception for police officers’ right to carry certain guns, some residents of the Big Apple just might take Mr. Abbott up on his offer.

Texas isn’t alone. Rural sheriffs all over the country are speaking out against Mr. Obama’s gun policies, announcing that they will refuse to enforce any new laws pertaining to guns in their jurisdictions. They promise to side with residents against the federal authorities when it comes to guns. A new bill in South Carolina seeks to exempt the state militia from any gun laws, and legislators in North & South Carolina are actually fighting for increased gun rights by proposing a law that will allow guns in parking lots.

Meanwhile, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, a Republican, said he will introduce a bill next week nullifying anything Mr. Obama does that “smacks of legislation.” Mr. Paul added, “I’m afraid that President Obama may have this king complex sort of developing, and we’re going to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

In a country that says it prefers the National Rifle Association to Hollywood, when it comes to the Second Amendment many rural Americans are sticking to their guns.