Ranch News Today – January 24, 2013

Posted on January 24, 2013


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A scientist from Alice Springs will travel to the United States today to talk about the challenges facing women in the cattle industry across Australia’s rangelands.

During a Jan. 14 address to the American Farm Bureau Federation, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack highlighted the unlimited potential of rural America, and also challenged rural Americans to embrace a proactive message that highlights this opportunity for the rest of the nation.

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San Antonio – The Texas Brigades, will add a new camp in the summer of 2013 appropriately named Ranch Brigade. The new camp will focus on an entirely new concept, livestock production and ranching.


Worth a Read

Four years ago, Tony Garner, Grangeville, ID, decided to restore 360 acres of weed-infested pastureland for a 250-head beef herd. He considered several options, including grazing, mowing and chemical treatments. Eventually, however, he settled on an unconventional method: renting goats.

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