Ranch News Today – January 31, 2013

Posted on January 31, 2013



A new study by a Montana think tank has found a strong positive correlation between personal income in rural Western counties with the amount of protected federal land in or near those counties.

[A] string of food processors and retailers say they’re planning to introduce such testing after the Food Safety Authority of Ireland — determined to confirm whether food labels on meat and fish are honest and accurate — has used DNA testing to show that “pure” processed meat products often contain traces of other animals slaughtered in the same facilities or carried in the same vehicles.


Minnesota’s access – to good pastures, corn and other feedstuffs, byproducts, clean water and strong markets – makes this a great state for raising beef cattle. In fact, there are approximately 400,000 beef cows and 320,000 cattle on feed in Minnesota.

The closing of a beef processing plant in Texas could help a fledgling slaughterhouse in northern South Dakota fill out its workforce.

Ranchers from across the state came to Olympia Jan. 29 to meet with their legislators and address wolves and other issues vital to their livelihoods.


“It was uncharted. Nobody had ever been there as a cowboy, as somebody leading a cowboy organization. Those were things that had never been done.”

In the world of social media, it is easier than ever to get to know the family farmer. Find them on Twitter or Facebook. Look up their videos on YouTube, or look up their online blogs. Ask them questions and find out firsthand how your food is grown and raised. They are your ultimate source for food information, and it’s perfectly okay to use Google to find them.

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