Ranch News Today – February 28, 2013

Posted on February 28, 2013


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A degree of industry unease about beef demand is understandable. The expected decrease in beef production in 2013 will likely represent a 3.3 percent decrease in domestic per capita supplies. The decrease could be even more pronounced in 2014 with consumers potentially facing another 5 percent decrease in domestic per capita beef supplies…

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The United States’ rural population of 50 million people is larger than nearly all the world’s nations. How can rural communities rethink and repurpose their nursing home or other infrastructure to help people healthfully age in place? How do we reduce isolation and expand community collaboration to improve well-being? These are essential questions for America’s vitality…

For communities and private landowners, the Endangered Species Act can be the toughest environmental law to challenge successfully. For example, the act requires listing decisions to be based on “the best scientific and commercial data available.” Not adequate or even accurate data, mind you, just “the best available” — and listing supporters often are the only ones offering any data. Thus, the burden of doing research and collecting relevant data falls on those affected by a potential listing.

This is troubling, as those who live in the affected areas often have little or no warning of federal action and little guidance on how to gather data in response…