Ranch News Today – March 3, 2013

Posted on March 3, 2013


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“Rural America is one of the most relevant sectors in America. Its political relevance is in question; their ability to get things done in Washington, because there are fewer and fewer rural folks and farmers. For us to be politically relevant and get farm bill done so you can do what you do best, we must figure out how to enlarge political relevance. We need to encourage engagement from other farm bill users; be strategically aligned, strategically align with nutrition.”

In the first year that wolf trapping was allowed in Idaho, trappers captured a total of 123 wolves. But according to a survey by the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Department, those same trappers in 2011-2012 also inadvertently captured 147 other animals, including white-tailed deer, elk, moose, mountain lions, skunks and ravens. Trappers reported that 69 of those animals died as a result…

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You won’t need mud on your tires or hay bales in your pickup bed to show other motorists that you support farming. You can do it with a commemorative license plate to be launched this month by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Proceeds will go to FFA, 4-H and other agricultural education programs in the state…

The Colorado Ranching Legacy Program is a cooperative endeavor designed to give beginning ranchers fundamental skills in range livestock production and ranch management. They are now recruiting participants for the next program session…

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