Ranch Beat – April 26, 2013

Posted on April 26, 2013


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Tending to four Northern California ranches, Columbia resident Joe Pimentel is widely known as “Cowboy Joe.” But many kids in the Mother Lode also know him as “Coach Joe.”…

Gov. Gary Herbert‘s office rolled out its conservation plan for the imperiled greater sage grouse, setting up 13 distinct management areas it hopes will prevent the animal from being named to the Endangered Species List. Such a federal classification would have substantial economic impacts to Utah, invoking limitations on development, natural resource extraction and grazing — limits top state officials have been fighting to prevent…


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For decades, the country retreated from the American movie, with some notable exceptions: Elia Kazan loved the country, as witness East of EdenBaby Doll, and Wild River. Still, not many American movies feel as if they were made by people who have spent enough time in the country to respect it. But in the last few years, we have had a few films that show us parts of the hinterland as if they were there waiting to be discovered…

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