Keely Brazil

20131227-193118.jpgI am the daughter of large animal veterinarians, and I’ve lived on and around ranches my whole life here in a small rodeo town in Northern California. My upbringing taught me to love and appreciate the Western lifestyle. I have a deep respect for ranchers, instilled in me from many hours of listening to the “grownups” in my life share their stories and pass on their wisdom to me.

From 2010-2012, during my college breaks, I worked as a reporter and freelancer for the Ukiah Daily Journal. It was here that I learned how often the stories that matter to ranching families go untold. In the fall of 2012 I attended the Washington Journalism Center and worked as an editorial intern at the Washington Times. This experience taught me so much about the workings on Capitol Hill and the politics that run our nation.

You can visit my reporting portfolio and personal blog for past work.

Last spring I graduated from The Master’s College in Santa Clarita, California with a major in print communications. I have a passion for reporting and this blog is an outcome of that. I want the rural families of America to have a place on the web they can trust for up-to-date information that affects this way of life. Ranch Beat covers a wide range of issues. I write about property rights, gun rights, the Endangered Species Act. I write about court cases and legislation that apply to you. This is a website you can trust for honest, researched reporting that covers the issues most don’t. These are the issues that matter to you, and to me.

Got a question or comment? Send me a tweet. Tell me what I should be writing about, tell me what I’m missing, tell me your opinion, tell me your story. That’s why this blog exists.

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